1. Mustang, OK

  2. These are the shots that get me the most hearts on tumblr. #signage #bleak #absence #detritus

  3. Free show tonight in Oklahoma City.


  4. There’s a couple of new demos up on soundcloud today. Enjoy!

  5. Monday night kitchen sessions. #demos #recording #kitchen #whiskey #beer

  6. My boy, Boudreaux.


  7. 69dollarguitar:

    This 6 song EP was recorded by Steve Boaz at Breathing Rhythm Studios in Norman, OK and mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios in Turtle Creek, PA.
    We are damn proud of it and hope you enjoy your listening experience.
    This “pre-order” digital stream is in advance of physical copies that will be in the form of compact discs and 10” vinyl records. The temporary cover art will be replaced on the physical copies with original artwork by Carl Fielder.

  9. Saturday’s Savior (at Hassler’s Restaurant)

  10. Big fat turkey buzzard sittin’ on a pole
    Swooped down fast and snatched a mole
    Tore it open and drank all the blood
    Left a little pile of bones in the mud
    #buzzard #poem #oklahoma #rural

  11. Current status.

  13. Backyard, Cockrel Street, Norman, OK #normanok #Oklahoma #backyard


  14. I got a nice write up in the Oklahoman. Damn, I feel pretty special right about now.
  15. The right side garage door is open revealing a pile of old broken furniture on top of crushed cardboard boxes. General construction debris and large chunks of spray foam insulation are strewn about the floor. Paint sprayers lay in the front yard amid a spaghetti of air compressor hoses. Boxes of rubber gloves are the meatballs with scrapers and wrenches thrown in for spices. An extension cord runs out of the garage to the front porch where a microwave is balanced on an overturned bucket. A smiling Hispanic woman sits on a tire eating steaming food out of a plastic container. A white-haired Mexican man stands next to her, holding a 4 inch brush in his left hand, thumbing at his cell phone in the other. He keeps his back turned to me after I ask when they’ll be done. He’s gonna call the builder to let him know I came by. I didn’t take any pictures. #shitiseeatwork #story