1. This goes down tomorrow night. The monthly song swap that I have the pleasure of curating. Always a damn good time.


  2. Tonight! I’ll have Kent Graber fillin’ out my sound with some fiddle sawing action and Tanner Miller opens the night at 10 PM
    The Deli
    309 White St.
    Norman, OK


  5. Newish song, video from today’s kitchen.

  6. 69dollarguitar:

    Today is the day, folks! Our debut EP is officially online and available for purchase and streaming for free. We’re proud of what we did and pleased to share it with the world.

    Recorded and mixed by Steve Boaz at Breathing Rhythm Studio in Norman, OK
    Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios in Turtle Creek, PA

    cover art by Carl Fielder


  8. https://www.facebook.com/events/339559689543205/
  9. Saturday with my boy, Boudreaux

  10. Mustang, OK

  11. These are the shots that get me the most hearts on tumblr. #signage #bleak #absence #detritus

  12. Free show tonight in Oklahoma City.


  13. There’s a couple of new demos up on soundcloud today. Enjoy!

  14. Monday night kitchen sessions. #demos #recording #kitchen #whiskey #beer

  15. My boy, Boudreaux.